Once again, I messed up.

Okay, so yesterday I ended my blog-o-rama with an announcement that we’d be doing the first read-through of the show today! Yay! So I came in this morning with a spring in my step and some fear in my heart. But alas, turns out, I was a day off — we’re doing the read-through tomorrow. I guess I’ve never been good with schedules, which is why I became a playwright instead of an air traffic controller. I did, however, stick to my word and last night, I went out and liquored myself up had a drink, hoping to attack today’s reading in a bit of a haze. Ah, well, I came to reason totally groggy for no reason. The things I do for my art.

For the morning session, the entire cast (all five of them) sang through the entire show. And they rocked it. Somehow, Davd and our fearless MD, Doug Katsaros, make them sound like more than 5 people! Often, they sound like 6 people. Sometimes 7. And once, 8. But no matter how many people they sound like, they rocked it.

By the way, an MD in a musical is not a medical doctor, it’s a Musical Director. He’s the guy or she’s the gal who’s in charge of keeping the show’s score in tact. He teaches the singers the music, he conducts the band and plays the keyboards during the show, and he makes sure that it all sounds tight and sharp. Doug is one of the best MD’s in the business, and the show’s going to sound awesome under his sweet control. He also owns a collection of brightly colored shirts that make him look really cool.

After lunch, our director, John Rando, started to stage the show. Yes, now that the songs are learned, we’re working on actual dialogue! Oh, I am such a happy bookwriter …. okay, okay I have to stop right here and unload a career-long pet peeve on you — why do the call the script of a musical “the book,” and the person writes the script the “bookwriter?” Could that be more confusing? When most people see the word “book,” they think of a, oh I dunno, an actual book. You know that common object with the pages in between two covers that fills up bookstores and bookshelves and the like. Do you know how many people have said to me over the years — “Oh, so you wrote the book that the show is based on, too?” We writers spend our time trying to be as clear and precise with words as possible, and then we’re saddled by THE MOST CONFUSING JOB TITLE OF ALL TIME. How about librettist? Would it kill anyone to call us librettist? What confused person decided this whole “book” thing in the first place anyway? If you know who it is, have him give me a call.

Thanks. I feel better.

So tomorrow afternoon is our read-through (I’m sure of it this time!) But no drinking for me tonight (truth be told, I’m a total lightweight when it comes to imbibing.) Time to go home and order Chinese food and then try to prevent my dog from eating half of it. Tomorrow, I will just have to face my words sober.

But The Toxic Avenger is speaking as well as singing now. By the way, judging from today’s early scene work, our cast not only sings great, they’re also funny as hell. So all seems well here in Teatro di New World.

Till tomorrow —

With so much love I can hardly stand it,