Today, fighting fills the House of Entertainment known as New World.

Under the congenial yet sadistic guidance of master fight director, Rick Sordelet, the cast is learning how to safely beat the crap out of one another. Such questions as “Does the music stop when he rips off her arm?” and “How do we tear out your spine off and then get you off stage quickly?” are filling the air. It all makes for an incredibly entertaining rehearsal.

On-stage violence is a precise art. The most horrific-looking acts need to be rehearsed and rehearsed and rehearsed so A) it’s totally safe for the actors and B) it looks really cool. Right now, The Toxic Avenger (Nick Cordero) is breaking the neck of an adorable old lady (played sparkingly by Matthew Saldivar.) And it’s safe and cool and horrifying.

The character responsible for most of this mayham is, of course, our title superhero. Now it’s always exciting to discover a leading man who can carry a musical, so we’re thrilled that Nick Cordero came to an audition and made us sit up and say, “Who is this guy? Where did he come from? How come we didn’t know his name before?” Turns out, Nick came from the land known as Canada. He did a bunch of theatre up there then came down to NYC and we snatched him up. He sings like a rock star, he’s a thoroughly charming actor, and at 6’4, he’s exceedingly tall (Note: I’m 5’7 so anyone over 6 feet is exceedingly tall to me.) Perhaps most remarkably, he spends 3/4 of the show wearing a mutant mask, yet he’s still able to convey great pathos and humor and soul. He’s my kind of actor.

Oh, and now he’s lifting Nancy Opel by the neck and threatening to stop her evil, polluting ways (they’re both in character, I think.) And Nancy Opel has the unique ability to actually be funny while someone is choking her. Truly, a gift.

Peace and love,