So after spending almost two weeks trying to write a high-falutin’ blog about the making of a classic art musical, I came upon a cold, hard fact of life today. The most interest that my blog has generated concerns my dog. That’s right, my dog, Rocco, who I dragged to rehearsal the other day. “Let’s see him!” screamed a dear reader. “Stop with all the writing and show us the dog,” screamed another.

Of course, I could ignore this public outcry and soldier on and tell you all the FANTASTIC and FASCINATING things that happened at rehearsal today. For instance, we ran through nearly 2/3rds of the show without stopping and it seemed HYSTERICAL and INSANE (in the best possible way.) Or that our kick-ass band came in for the first time and began to play through the score with David and they sound awesome. Or that we’ve got the budget of the show under control and all seems sunny on the money front.

But noooooo, the blogsphere wants to see the little guy with four legs who has been absolutely NO HELP WHATSOEVER in the rehearsal process. So, as a firm believer in spreading my legs and giving the public what it wants, here it is — a picture of my canine playing the cute card for all its worth —

There, now are you happy, America? Don’t say I don’t love you. By the way, I’m going to take my four-legged sidekick to rehearsal on Sunday (at least, that’s the plan,) and I’ll do my damndest to take some pics of him on the set and with the megatalented stars of our show. That should quench everyone’s insatiable cute-dog-picture thirst.

In non-pet related news, tomorrow we will be doing our first full run-through of the show. I’m very excited about it (though I’ll spend a good full hour getting insanely nervous about it beforehand.) So tune in late tomorrow for a full run-through report. Without dog pics.