So I arrived at the theatre today all happy and caffinated and somewhat nauseous in anticipation of our first full, non-stop run-through of The Toxic Avenger. Right before I arrived, though, rockstar/composer David Bryan called to say that he woke up this morning with intense food poisoning and he’s only been able to lift his head off the pillow to vomit. This immediately relieved my stomach pains since I figured that David was more than nauseous enough for the both of us. David obviously couldn’t make the run-through, so I promised to call him immediately afterwards. He then muttered something incomprehensible and hung up so he could be sick some more. (Theatrical Tip: It was absolutely a good thing that David didn’t come in today since actors tend to take it the wrong way when they see one of the authors vomit during a performance.)

With David home in bed, the run-through at Teatro di New World started and I just held my breath and thought oh-my-god-I-hope-this-doesn’t-suck I’m so excited! And to my delight, a mere twenty mintues into the show, I zapped off a text to David that read “This show is very entertaining.” Yes, any nerves I might’ve sported quickly vanished as I watched our actors do their thing. They were, in a word, tremendous. And please note — there were only a few of us creative staff types watching today, so the cast was pretty much playing a broad comedy to an empty theatre. (Where are the laughs?! Where is the love?!)

Of course, seeing an initial run-through, you always learn that there are some areas for improvement. A couple of the lyrics to the new song, “Jersey Girl,” can (and will) be sharpened, and there were various jokes I know I can make funnier. So it’s back to the word processor tonight. But the structure of the show seemed very solid, and I gotta say the show seemed to zip by in a tight hour and forty minutes. So damn it, this grumpy author like it. By the way, I reported all of this back to David, who who seemed to be happily on the road to recovery.

Tomorrow, the band makes their first rehearsal appearance the cast will get to sing with them in all their rock ‘n roll glory (up till now, the actors have only been accompanied by superb-pianist and brightly-shirted Katsaros on keyboards.) Oh yeah, and I’m bringing the dog in to take pictures of him on the set to satisfy my readership’s canine-lovin’ cravings.

Okay, I gotta go redraft some lyrics —

Fondly but not in an overly familar way yet not too distant either,