David’s alive. The band is kickin’. And Rocco’s back.

For all those who have expressed concern (some of you did express concern, right?) — composer/rockperson David Bryan conquered his bout of food poisoning and retud today looking a bit paler but, as he optimistically pointed out, five pounds thinner. We welcomed him back by immediately putting him to work. He pretty much ran rehearsal today as the band played through the entire score while the actors sang through the entire score and the sound people ran about frantically turning knobs and checking speakers to make sure it all sounded balanced and loud and not-too loud. We’re gonna be rockin’ New World Stages, baby!!

And as promised, to celebrate the end of our second week, I brought my dog (Rocco) back to the theatre. Insisting that he earn his bone marrow treats, I made him be the thematic thread for the following photo essay. As you can see, the dog was passed around like an unwanted hors d’oeuvre.

Here’s Rocco on stage with director John Rando and comic whirlwind Nancy Opel. In the back you can glimpse the toxic waste dump that is our very cool set.

Here’s Rocco with three-quarters of our band & pale but skinnier David. Please note the required “Rock ‘n Roll Hair” on everyone but the dog.

Here’s Rocco enjoying his favorite activity — lounging — while star Sara Chase gives him humiliating bunny ears —

In the most intense stand-off of the day, here’s Rocco suspiciously eyeing The Toxic Avenger mask.

And to end all this intense cuteness, here’s Rocco with your handsome blogger posing amidst the barrels that make up our set.

So there you have it. Photo journalism at its finest. I hope you enjoyed it.

After this exhausting day of rehearsing and singing and posing for pictures with a dog, the cast and crew and canine were beat. So we all trudged home happy in the knowledge that Monday is our day off. But wait, no! Why take a day off when we can record The Toxic Avenger Original Cast Recording?!

That’s right. Most shows record their albums weeks after they open, but thanks to the enthusiasm of our producers and the good folks at Time-Life Records, we’re recording our album in the middle of rehearsals so we can release it on opening night (April 6th!) Of course, that means our next day off isn’t until next week (sigh) but the album’s gonna rock. And I’ll give you a full report on our session on Tuesday.

Wishing none of you food poisoning although you would lose five pounds and look terrific,