As The Week that Won’t End Tech Week rolls along, the Toxaholic demand for another canine photo essay has reached a crescendo. So being a total whore person who believes in giving the audience what it wants, I took my Canon Sureshot to Le Stages de New World today to record the joy.

At the civilized hour of noon, dog/blogstar Rocco and I hopped in a cab. After being driven down Amsterdam Avenue at 120 miles an hour, we arrived at rehearsal to find Rando and company working through various technical aspects of the show (boring, boring, boring,) But to my surprise, we were also greeted by Momo. Who’s Momo, you ask? Excellent question, I answer. Momo is Nancy Opel’s delightful miniature poodle who was getting bored sitting home while Nancy was spending all day and night in Tech.

So here’s a brief and important photo essay detailing what a Tech rehearsal looks like when two dogs show up — (EDITOR’S WARNING: The dog cuteness factor below is through the roof. So please scroll down with moderation.)

First, let’s meet the players. This is Nancy holding Momo, standing next to Rocco and Heidi, who is one of our director’s assistants and she is seen here doing the very important director assistant’s job of holding the author’s dog. For some reason in this picture, Rocco has evil blue, death-ray eyes —

While venturing backstage to mingle, Rocco found himself petted by a large green mutant hand. Notice that the expression on Rocco’s face is the same expression that you’d have if you were being petted by a large green mutant hand.

As for Momo, she cannot bear being seperated from Nancy, so Nancy had to rehearse much of the day holding the little guy. Here they are on the set of the Tromaville Beauty Parlor, where Nancy gets to sing a duet with herself, which she did today holding Momo. Momo seemed to find this all very normal.

As all good Toxaholics know, The Toxic Avenger takes place in the mythical town of Tromaville, New Jersey — so here’s Rocco posing by some on-set signage. PLEASE NOTE: Rocco did not — I repeat, did not! — make the mess that is is on the sign. That mess was expertly designed by our multi-award winning design staff and cost about $300 dollars. Ironically, Rocco would’ve made that mess for free if we had thought of it.

Below is a shot of the back of the head of comic maestro John Rando and assistant Heidi watching our two freakin’ brilliant comic actresses — Nancy Opel and Sara Chase — rehearsing (though they’re not yet in costume.) And notice what is cradled in Nancy’s arms. A prop? No. It’s Momo.

At day’s end, we did a run-through of the show and I generously placed Rocco in the best seat in the house so he could watch. And here he is with his usual reaction to my work —

To end today’s fantastic photo journalism expose, here is David and me at the mixing studio yesterday. You see, as the Tech-a-thon was going on in midtown, David was locked in a Chelsea recording studio mixing The Toxic Avenger Original Cast Album. WARNING! There are no dogs in the picture below! So if you have a problem with that, move on. Oh, and truth be told, I just popped by the studio for a couple of hours while David was there for, like, 73 hours straight. But because of the pic, it looks like I was there as long as him. Ha!

(note: author apologies for the exceedingly cute blog pictorial today. But it’s the end of the week and the REAL TENSION begins this week with the arrival of our first audiences! So I just had to get the cute dog shots out of my system. Sorry.)

Now guess what Monday brings Team Toxic? Our first audience! Yes, on Monday night we have our Invited Dress Rehearsal. That means we’ll run-through the show in front of a packed house of friends, colleagues, lovers, people we’d like to be lovers, etc. Hopefully, they will LOVE US! LOVE US! LOVE US! And also hopefully, beforehand, I won’t THROW UP! THROW UP! THROW UP!

Oh yeah, Monday is also, technically, our “day off.” If you recalll, on last week’s “day off,” we spent 14 hours recording the album. (Note to self: for next show, have producers explain exactly what they mean by “day off.”) I only bring this point up because Monday is, indeed, my blogging day off. So on Tuesday, I’ll give all you Toxaholics a complete recap of the Invited Dress. Hopefully I will be happy and encouraged and not despondent and suicidal. Stay tuned —