So it’s First Preview Day! Yay!

But before I begin, lemme just thank all you Toxaholics for the good wishes you’ve been posting! Between getting the show up and writing the blog and talking care of a needy dog and trying to get at least a little sleep — I haven’t had a moment to answer, but don’t think your posts go unread. They are GREATLY appreciated, especially in this time of need (i.e. dress rehearsal and previews.)

So I just returned home from rehearsal to have some dinner and tend to the dog Total side note: I came home to find the dog exhausted because the cable repair guy was here today, and the only creatures who react more excitedly to a visit from a cable repair guy are actors in porn movies. So the cable repair guy came and Rocco barked and barked and ran around like a lunatic and kept trying to smell the cable repair guy’s tools (that’s “tools” not “tool.”) So now the dog is, thankfully, fast asleep.

But enough about Rocco! I’m the one with the first preview tonight, so I bet you’re wondering how I’m feeling. And if you’re not wondering that, then you probably stopped reading this blog when I got to the long tangent about the dog.

First, let me say thanks for wondering about me. And second, I thought I was feeling absolutley calm and relaxed and confident. But I just ate an apple and, for some reason, I have now have a rash on my lower lip. It feels like an allergic reaction but since I’ve eated about 2 billions apples in my lifetime, it doesn’t take a medical degree to figure out that it’s probably nerves. Okay, okay, I’m nervous! People paid money to see this show that David and I have been working on for two years and now we have to actually show it to them. I want them to laugh their heads off and love it. Not like it! Love it! No wonder I’m breaking out in a rash.

Okay, I have to grab a bite then run to the theatre, but through the magic of, uh, not posting this blog entry till later, the next sentence you read will be me after I’ve returned home from the show. If you’re anywhere near a drum, please play a drum roll for dramatic effect. If you’re not near a drum, please play an imaginary drum roll in your head. Okay, start!

Okay, I’m back — stop drumming. I just shared a cab home with director John Rando (who lives but several blocks from me.) While cabbing, we both realized we were absolutely exhausted but, well, thrilled. The first preview went as well as we could’ve hoped. The audience laughed from the first minute of the show and then continued throughout! And I didn’t know any of them! Well actually, I had one friend in the audience, but that was it. And he’s not that loud a laugher. These paying folks were there to have a great time and it certainly seems as if they did. Many numbers received huge rounds of applause, and even a lot of the jokes got applause. That is a sweet, sweet sound to a comedy writer like yours truly. So thank you first preview audience!

Oh, we did have two Toxic celebrities in the audience — namely, the son and granddaughter of the actress who played Toxie’s mother in the the original Toxic movie (there pics will be posted on the website shortly.) It was cool that they came, and especially cool that they told us how much they loved the show.

Funny non-relevant story — before the show, I saw David standing outside the theatre posing for pictures with Bon Jovi fans (he’s always happy to do that.) Immediately afterwards, he came to me and said, “How does my smile look?” Now David has never asked me how his smile or any other part of him looks; that just ain’t David. But as I looked at his smile I noticed that it was actually a bit crooked. He confessed that the bottom of one of his crowns fell out last night at dinner, so he posed for all the pictures with half his lip trying to covering up the imperfect tooth. So if you have a pic of David tonight, you have a classic.

Anyway, Toxaholics, I’m exhausted, and even the dog seems to have turned in early (thank you, cable repair guy!) So I’m going to get some much-needed sleep as I get ready for tomorrow’s rehearsal and second preview! But Toxie has arrived in New York and New York seems happy to have us.

With love and releif,