Greetings, Toxaholics —

So it’s the afternoon following our first preview (which was very Toxarrifc Fantoxtic exciting) and we’re rehearsing parts of the show that we think we can make better. That’s why shows have previews, so you can strengthen and tighten and fix parts during the daytime and then try them out at night.

Right now, our Toxtacular terrific leading woman and mutant, Sara Chase and Nick Cordero, are running through the scenes that establish their relationship, trying to make these scenes as touching (while still being hysterically funny) as possible. Last night, at the culmination of their relationship, there was an audible outburst of females going “awww” in the audience, so we’re doin’ our job!

Here’s a fine theatrical example of what you learn in previews. In the drama-filled song, “Get the Geek,” this was last night’s sequence of events — The Mayor sends her two goons out to attack Melvin. Then, the Goons ingest a lot of drugs in preparation, then the Mayor sings a frenzied chorus of the song and, in her hysteria, she suddenly turns to the band’s guitarist and kisses him (and that guitarist happens to be Chris Cicchino, a long-haired rock stud.) Then the goons have a moment of entertaining gay panic, then Melvin enters and they attack him.

A nice, sensible dramatic through-line, right? Well, in performance, the audience laughed so hard after the Mayor suddenly kissed long-haired rock stud Chris Cicchino, that we couldn’t hear the gay panic moment. So we’ve decided to reverse the Mayor-kisses-rock-stud moment with the entertaining gay panic moment so both will be comprehensible and enjoyable. And though this may seem like an easy-to-do change, it means that David has to rewrite the music and Rando and the actors have to restage it and the band has to relearn it. So every little change can take a long time to rehearse and implement, but all this hard work makes for a better show. I don’t know if we’ll be able to get this change in tonight (though David is working his ass off to make it happen,) but I’ll give you a report on how it went as soon as it goes.

Also, tonight we’ll be videotaping our “Flo Says Go” videos. Flo is David’s mother, and while we were in Jersey, she took many of her friends from her Active Adult Retirement Community to see the show, and they had a blast. So we’ll be filiming Flo and some of her rockin’ BFF’s to get their reaction to tonight’s show. Look for the vid soon!

Anyway, I’m hoping that I don’t develop another fear-related rash before tonight’s show. Since last night went so well, I’m not expecting to, but given my terrified insane delicate state of existence during previews, you never know.

Faithfully yours with shocking calmness,