Hey Toxaholics!

It’s day 2, week 3 of previews and the critics are pouring in to see the show. Of course, in our new technological age, everyone is (literally) a critic, and last night, I met a group of bloggers who had came to check us out. They were from Yelp, and if you don’t know what Yelp is, shame on you! (Actually, I had no idea what Yelp was, so you can share in my shame.) But Yelp is a cool website that plays host to a lot of cool bloggers who happened visit Toxic last night. It was great to meet them and I hope they all loved me as much as I loved them, unconditionally and with nothing but gushy praise.

But talking to these bloggers got me thinking — I bet other folks have been writing about Toxic on the internet (outside of the fantastic Toxaholics on this website, of course.) Hmmmm…I must pursue this thought.

So today, with blogsuperstar Rocco passed out at my feet, I decided to journey into the internet wilderness to see how The Toxic Avenger is holding up in cyberspace. I started with the the New York Times site ’cause I remembered that they post reader reviews. Now, I always approach reading anything about my work with great trepidation, since if 8000 people say nice things about my work and one person says something mean, all I can forever think about is the one mean thing (Don’t believe me? Have 10 friends compliment you on how terrific you’re looking and then have one person tell you that you look as if you’ve gained weight, and see which thought sticks)

So I bravely and with a minimum of alcohol checked out the Readers Reviews in the theatre section of the Times, where I found that Toxic has received — get this — a five star rating! And the latest review had the very cool headline “A RIP (YOUR ARM OFF) ROARING GOOD TIME! Gotta love it! Thanks witty writers of reader’s reviews!!

Newly emboldened by my sudden good fortune, I decided to check out the terrifying enjoyable
theatre chat rooms. Now for those of you unfamilar with the terrain, there are two primary theatre chat rooms that cater to intense and passionate theatre lovers, and each is loaded with bitchy spirited debates over the various merits of every show in town (especially the musicals.)

So first I headed over to, which also happens to link to this blog every day, so I think that they are THE BEST THEATRE WEBSITE EVER. I went to their message boards, searched for Toxic Avenger, and, to my delight, once again — nothin’ but good words for us! My fav was from Singtopher, who in trying to convince another board user to see Toxic, wrote — “The lady sitting next to me stopped breathing because she was laughing so hard.” I LOVE SINGTOPHER!! And I hope that lady is still alive.

Now even more emboldened, I headed over to the other theatre chat mecca, All That Chat. This is the type of board where if someone writes that they loved “Hair,” BAM!, two people immediately write that they hated “Hair” and the person who loved “Hair” must be a moron. It’s like if the American Gladiators did theatre criticism. And I just adore it..

So I scrolled down — a feeling of dread settled in my stomach — and the first Toxic thread I come across is headlined — “Toxic Avenger is so damn entertaining!” Yowser! It was written by Musicaldirny, and just for the record — I LOVE MUSICALDIRNY!

As for the remainder of thread, the chatters discussed about how everyone should all worship at the genius of Nancy Opel, to which I fully agree (INTERESTING THEOLOGICAL FACT: It is now possible to actually worship Nancy Opel because Nancy has recently formed her own religion, Momo, named after her dog. And I’m pretty certain she’s taking tax deductible contritubtions now.) In the rest of the thread, there was a little spirited back and forth about the show, but overall, these chatters liked it a whole lot! And believe you me, these All That Chatters are a tough, seasoned crowd.

So now emboldened beyond words, I scrolled down even further and what did I come upon but another great headline “Toxic Avenger = Amazing!” by Natalielovestheatre (and yes, I love Natalie!) Why, if you ask me, Natalielovestheatre = Amazing! Thanks Nats! If you ever need money or someone to carry your child or something, gimme a shout.

So it just goes to show you, Toxaholics, when you write a show about a mutant freak from New Jersey, people may still love you anyway.

Oh yeah, quick reality check: There was one AllThatChatter who said our show was awful not the best show they’ve ever seen. Of course, I am way too dignified to mention their name (Crisnyc,) but I’m sure this chatter (Crisnyc) is a wonderful person who has contributed greatly to society and has a first-class, sophisticated sense of humor. God bless.

All my boundless love to everyone on earth (execpt Crisnyc),