Well Toxaholics, in about 1/2 an hour I will be leaving to attend the Opening Night Performance of The Toxic Avenger. And I have to say, as I file my final blog here, I’m feeling a bit verklempt, as Shinequa and Diane sing in “My Big French Boyfriend.” I’d never written a blog before this one, and I worked hard to make sure that it never took itself too seriously while still providing some behind-the-scenes info. So your response has been overwhelming to me.

I’ve been absolutely thrilled and surprised by the number of readers who have taken the time to read my musings, and to all you who took the time to tell me how much you enjoyed it, you have my hot toxic gratitude.

As for what an author does during the day of his opening? Well, this author sleeps as late possible (and being the proud owner of a dog who’ll happily sleep till noon, I accomplished my mission.) I woke up comfortably at 10, dragged the dog for a rainy walk, then saw my Chicago freeloaders friends George and Scott off for the day — like true tourists, they were going to go to the Museum of Modern Art, though “probably just the gift shop.”

Then I sat down at my computer to work on another project. That’s correct, Toxaholics — I always find it helpful to write something else on an opening night, in order to both look ahead to the future and calm my opening night jitters. But while working, I got two calls in quick succession — first, director John Rando called to say that he, too, had his usual opening night jitters but that the Toxic experience has been a joy from Day One (same back at ya, John.) Then David Bryan called me to tell that he wasn’t nervous at all (it’s good to be a rock star) and the opening night gifts we’ve bought for the cast and crew might not be engraved yet, so they might not actually be “Opening Night” gifts, they might be “1st Performance After Opening Night” gifts. Regardless, our cast (Nick, Sara, Nancy, Demond, Matt) and band and crew have been nothing short of remarkable — both on stage and off — and for all those who have seen and loved the show, it’s mainly because of them.

Anyway, Toxaholics, time for one of the most important of all opening night rituals — figuring out what the hell to wear. This is when it’s a good thing to have two gay guys staying with you (and though gay myself, I have the fashion sense of a non-metrosexual straight dude.)

It’s been an absolute blast creating The Toxic Avenger and writing this blog about it, and hopefully Toxie will continue to keep theatregoers laughin’ and rockin’ and cheerin’ for a long, long time.

Lotsa love (and without irony this time,)